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Omni-Financial is the name of a new financial services business commencing in 2019.
Join us now to help make our products and website great by joining our community test team and providing feedback!

New Home Loan

Get approval for new home loans today

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Get unconditional approval to refinance your loan today

Home Loan pre-approval

Approval in Principle with some conditions on the property, and the time in which it is purchased.

We're getting ready to launch!

We are busy bringing Omni-Financial to life, and we use this site to test and demo some of the background functionality of our platform.

If you would like to join us and come along the journey by making our products and platform even better, then click CONTACT US and we will ask you opinion along he way and provide a special offer at launch to say thankyou..!


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Want to join us and help make great products and an easy to use digital platform..?