Home loans, all you need is your phone

Home loans, all you need is your phone

Omni is a new way to apply for a home loan online.

It’s so easy and quick, you’ll be able to spend less time wrangling financial jargon and more time finding your dream home..

Security is our guarantee.

Our system is built on a leading platform so you can rest easy knowing your money and personal data is safe.

Your loan. Your choice.

You’ll have the flexibility to pay off your loan whenever and however you need to. There’s no annual or monthly fees.

Choose the time and place.

No more lengthy paperwork! You can apply online whenever it suits you.

You always know the deal.

We keep you informed every step of the way.

We’re launching in January 2020.
To celebrate, we have a unique offer for you.

Cashback offer

When you use Omni to take out your home loan with Bank, we’ll give you cashback of 0.35% of your loan!

What’s that in real terms? We don’t blame you for not wanting to work out the math, that’s why you’ve come to us!

Here’s the deal, as long as your loan is over $350,000 you’ll get 0.35% of the loan amount back. So you’ll not only get a great rate, but money back in your pocket too. For example:

$500,000 loan = $1,750 back in your pocket


* The ‘0.35% Cashback’ is calculated as 0.35% of the total loan amount minus offset account balance, on loans with a minimum balance of $350,000. The loan amount is based on the settled loan amount less any available credit balance that exceeds $10,000 that is held by the Customer in a linked offset and/or redraw account calculated 6 business days from the loan settlement date. Payments will be made to the borrowers nominated account 2 business days after the receipt of upfront commission from the lender (16 business days of the end of the calendar month during which the Loan was settled).