A passionate team of finance experts and creatives

Designing a market disrupting solution to the home loan process.

We understand the path to getting a home loan is confusing and the amount of information out there can be completely overwhelming. Trying to find the right way through it can often be more time consuming than finding the house itself!

That’s why Omni exists – to provide black and white information and a seamless digital experience to help you take your power back and feel in control.

The Omni leadership teamLeann Jones
Director Omni-Financial

With over 12 years in financial services experience and 4+ years in leading change and transformation within retail and commercial lending. An Organisational Change expert specialising within Financial services.

Peter Jones
Chief Executive Officer

Principal at Omni, with 15 years experience within financial services and 7+ years in leading technology programs. Previously an AFSL license holder, CEO and Company Secretary in financial services

Chris Gray
Chief Customer Officer

Director at Nomat, with 16 years experience on improving customer interactions with some of Australia’s largest organisations. Thought leader and University Lecturer.